Swinging For The Fences With Christian

Swinging For The Fences With Christian


There is nothing I enjoy more than capturing people doing what they love, whether that falls into the professional or personal categories. In Christian’s case, it’s the ball field. We gained access to his home field to make some memorable senior photos. Christian attends Emerald Ridge High, which, as you can clearly see, has an amazing view of the mountain. As luck would have it, Christian plays right field, the position on this particular field that provides that breathtaking view beyond the fence.

I really enjoyed working with Christian. It was apparent he had a great appreciation for the history of baseball and the old style, asking for a couple photos styled like those taken 100 years ago with the pioneers of pro baseball.



As we waited for the sun to slide lower in the sky to give us those fun colors on the mountain, we made some frames in the dugout and home plate.





We headed out to right field when the colors started to dance across the mountain to capture Christian making a few action-packed plays. How cool is the photo below?! “Oh, yeah, that’s just me making a home run stealing catch over the fence with a kickass mountain view in the background.” Real photo here, people, just a telephoto lens and some lighting.





Such a fun shoot, capturing Christian in this element, doing what he has worked so hard for and for so long. Recent news is that all of Christian’s hard work has paid off, as he has already been getting acceptance into colleges to play ball for them. Congrats, Christian, the best of luck to your bright future. Swing for the fences.