An Intimate Look into Emergency Food Network

An Intimate Look into Emergency Food Network

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I’ve thoroughly enjoyed shooting for Emergency Food Network for many years now. In the beginning, I shot exclusively photography, then progressively shot video here and there while I was shooting stills at events. We used the stills and the few video shots to build presentation videos to shed light on EFN and what they do. But, it was never a substantial body of video, only highlighting visuals here and there. It never truly dove in to what and all EFN does for the Pierce County community. And after personally being involved and seeing all they do, I knew it was time to scratch that itch, get my cameras in deeper into EFN operations.

It’s hard to get across to those who may be looking to help by donating time, money, or other resources to EFN and know how MUCH these donations benefit the community in need of nutrition. Sure, the story of EFN can be told, but boy… if you can show them… what an impact. This was the goal we set out to accomplish, to show all those who lend and eye and ear how much EFN does and how hard they work to stretch the dollar and get food to those who need it most. And as a donor, knowing your dollar is getting used more efficiently at EFN than practically any other organization, it’s a home run situation. Pride is the overwhelming feature here, and the well-oiled machine of EFN feeding those who can’t afford to feed themselves.

Through the lenses of my cameras, you’ll see a very in-depth look into all EFN does and how they get it accomplished, with a ton of grace I might add. You’ll see the great city of Tacoma and surrounding area, the people in need, the food going into their hands. You’ll see Mother Earth Farm, a plot of land in the Sumner area dedicated to growing produce which gets shipped directly to food banks. You’ll see the opportunity-seizing distribution truck network EFN has in place, and finally, all the fun fundraising events they hold to raise awareness and funds to power the organization.

It was a treat to ride along and capture this. There are a few corners of EFN that we simply didn’t get to cover, which I truly hope to get to opportunity to do down the road. Much more to come to the blog (when I find the time), plenty of fun family, seniors, and a ton of commercial photo shoots!