Matt & Alice Are Getting Married… Holy Crap. Tomorrow!

Matt & Alice Are Getting Married… Holy Crap. Tomorrow!


Well, December 5th sure got here fast! Seemed like last June’s proposal was only a couple weeks ago. The business has kept us so busy that the trip to Hawaii literally snuck up on us, resulting in a late night packing scramble, a 3-hour nights “sleep,” and an equally scary airport scramble. Not quite as bad as the family airport scene from Home Alone, but you get the idea. We briskly walked to our terminal as the plane was boarding. Not something you should aim to do for your wedding/honeymoon trip. But we made it, and it still doesn’t feel like we are in Hawaii. About to get married.

Alice and I have been together for 4 and a half years. Sounds silly that we’ve been together for so long and haven’t already tied the knot. I know, I’m with you. I guess you can count that one up to the best partner and relationship you could ever ask for. No, seriously. When life is good time flies, and life has been great since I met Alice. The priority in our lives has always been to our relationship from day one. When you consider that this relationship has and continues to endure not only a personal aspect, but a large business/professional side… that is one constant, giant-ass commitment. Every day, our relationship weaves in and out of exceptional moments in both our personal and work lives. I should stop referring to “work” and “personal” as two separate things – it’s really just one big ball of awesomeness,  and it wouldn’t have ever been possible without both of our 100% dedication to it. To us.

Without Alice, you wouldn’t be looking at these photos (right, I know, obvious observation Matt. No Alice, no Alice in photos). Not only would you not see these particular photos, you wouldn’t see many of the spectacular images gracing this website and the portfolios. She has played such a critical role in the success of Matty Photography and has worn just about every hat one could wear while doing so, it’s incredible.



I think both us have been ready to get married for a very long time now. People have asked me over the last 6 months varying questions about the wedding and my thoughts on the upcoming marriage. My response has always been the same – Alice and I have lived our lives together from day one as if we were married. The marriage is simply a formality to what we’ve had together this entire time. At this point, when I look down at my hand, I get a little upset at the absence of a ring. Upset in a way, like… it is disrespectful to our relationship. A ring that represents everything we are and have always been – committed. Committed to whatever it takes – good, bad, the unforeseeable. So, yes. I’m ready, I’m very ready. We are very ready.




We’ll have lots of stories and photos to share from our 10-day adventure here in Kauai, HI, as well as a formal announcement for a very great guy, Scott. Scott recently became a Matty Photography shooter, and the man responsible for the making of these great images. We’ll do him a legit writeup here when we get him a good headshot and all the photos from Hawaii (he is shooting all the wedding events).
For this engagement shoot, we came up with the idea of shooting in the space we spend so much of our relationship in, and with photo gear as props to help that read across well.

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Aloha! Alice bought me a cheesy/awesome tux t-shirt to wear on the plane ride. Oh, and yes, the engagement photos were literally shot a couple days before we took off for our wedding. The blessing and curse of being a photographer… 😉