Abplanalps Expand The Family Galaxy – Newborn Kasper

Abplanalps Expand The Family Galaxy – Newborn Kasper

Lightsabers, the Death Star, cloaks, and even a cute little dinosaur costume is going to make for a fun shoot no matter how you slice it. The fact that it was with one of my oldest, best friend’s newborn baby. Well, that’s next level. Having grown up with Ross, we’ve gotten to share all kinds of experiences, ranging some the spectacular to the stupid (and sometimes both as the same time). During our school years, we’d often find ourselves hanging out in my room, perched and looking out the second-story window as we shared out thoughts on just about all subject matter, sometimes our minds wondering to the future. I don’t think either of our teenage minds could see our current lives, now 15 years later, but I can tell you one thing – Ross wouldn’t complain about one thing. Now married to the beautiful Alex, the yin to his yang, she brings a perfect balance to his life which is obvious (and awesome) to see. You can read/see more about their partnership here with their engagement photos. And now, well, now he’s brought a copy of himself in to the world. Many of us who know Ross have predicted this event as the end of the world (I joke… but just kinda). In all seriousness, it’s been so fun to see these two come together and make this little future nerd of awesomeness, Kasper.

Kasper was in for a fantasy-filled shoot, whether he wanted it or not. Ross, Alex, and I are all nerds of the sci-fi. It is just assumed – Kasper WILL be a Jedi. I can totally envision his first word being one of the following: vader, x-wing, R2, Chewy, Gandalf, precious, Baggins.

Though we had some fun concepts to play with, we started with some very simple, intimate shots of the trio.








Next up was a cute dino setup! We built out little “nest” for out baby dino to sleep in while we took some frames. This also gave use a chance to take detail shots of hands and toes.




Now, on to the concept we were all excited for – Star Wars. We had an outfit for all three of them to wear. Believe it or not, we didn’t have to buy a single prop for this. Like I said, we’re nerds. Kasper gave us all a good laugh and great hope for his future as a lover of all Star Wars. The lightsabers used for the shoot are pretty legit, complete with light-up blade and complimenting sound effects. We had concerns that after we got Kasper settled and comfy that the sounds of the blade hums would disturb him (they are pretty darn loud). It was quite the opposite! He was a little squirmy before turning them on, but once we fired them up, the hum of the sabers actually calmed him more. This led to muffled laughs from everyone in the room. We wanted to laugh out loud but we wanted the picture more.



The next set really had us wanting to let loose with the laughter. We were able to get Kasper to “hold” the saber in a flying/swinging pose. All I can say is that I wish I had baby photos of myself like this!



We topped off an already great shoot with some shots of Kasper, Ross and Alex all in their Star Wars outfits.


The Master and the Apprentice


The Princess and young Jedi.


I feel very fortunate to still have such great and long friends in my life, while adding a new one a couple years ago when Alex bravely took on the burden that is Ross (wink), and that I get to have fun a take really unique photos with them. Only if we could have documented our lives in such dramatic fashion when we were younger, eh Ross? Well, on second thought, probably better that we didn’t. But this really leaves me wishing we had a photo of us looking out that window as kids.

It’s also important to note that Ross always makes good use of my light test shots.