Happy 6 Months to Dane and Margaret Betts

Happy 6 Months to Dane and Margaret Betts

Eleven years ago, I met a young woman who was as sweet as she was stubborn. A fiery red head living up to her Irish roots. I imagine Margaret, or Margie as we know her, was a lot like the heroine in ‘Brave’ as a child. She is world traveler with an itch for adventure, a professional harpist who can bring you to tears with her music, and a whimsical sprit who is constantly creating. Margie is a friend to all, but she is the Anne, with an E, to my Diana.




My dear friend made three bold claims in life – she would never do “Internet dating;” she would never fall for a blonde; and she would NEVER date, let alone marry, a military man. Then, she turned 25 and promptly broke all those rules. I remember very well meeting her at the Black Bear Diner for our usual pancakes and she told me about making an online dating profile and talking with this “Dane” character. Soon enough he had arrived from Colorado, where he had been training, and they had their first date at Europa. She knew that very night she was having dinner with her future husband, sharing their first bottle of moscato. I knew the moment I saw her that weekend. It changes you inside out when you meet your spouse, like being struck with love lightening and you just can’t hide it.



It’s always such an honor shooting weddings, getting to be apart of a couple’s magical day in a very personal and fun way. It’s emotional when you attend a wedding, it can be emotional when you photograph a wedding, and it’s a whole other ball game when your dear friend is getting married, your husband is shooting the wedding, and you’re in a bridesmaid gown.




“Traditional Catholic wedding” is an understatement. The Betts wedding felt like a royal wedding with a packed church and many of the Priests and deacons from her life concelebrating. What most people would probably remember was the exquisite music, so carefully chosen for its meaning and purpose, played and sung by Margie’s friends and teachers from around the world. Before the wedding started, the bride wanted to hear every note of the preludes so we crept up the stairs to the balcony to listen. This was one of many moments when I thought to myself, “omg I’m not going to make it,” as I held back joyful tears.





It was a really interesting day, being on the other side of the lens, but I also go to experience first hand the complement we so often hear from wedding guest, “ I never saw or heard you guys.” Matt crept about silently, capturing such lovely photos for a lovely day. I only noticed him once as he knelt down next to my pew for a shot.




I can’t believe it’s already been six months since we married off Miss Shelton to Mr. Dane Betts. And now the happy couple has just purchased their first home and are expecting their little baby princess this Spring. I’m overjoyed to have watched my dear friend find her groom, and that he happened to be a sarcastic, blonde Army officer/bear slayer.








Happy 6th Month Anniversary Betts.