Perfect, Lucky Timing – Anthony’s Senior Photos

Perfect, Lucky Timing – Anthony’s Senior Photos

Snow. You can’t plan for it. Well, at least not here in Tacoma, and especially not weeks out. But when it comes to a good snow, we are 2 for 2. The last time we got a good snow was a couple years ago, and we strung together a last minute personal project to take advantage of it, which you can view here. This time around, we just got super lucky. We scheduled Anthony’s senior photos a couple weeks out. Naturally, we knew this time of year falls in that fingers-crossed-we-get-snow-this-year window, but you never plan a shoot around what would be considered unrealistic expectations. But, the night before this shoot, we knew we had a good chance, and modified this shoot a bit to accommodate, and it paid off.




Anthony is a pretty simple, easy going guy, and wanting a pretty simple/classic shoot. This was a perfect match to our snow look that we were so lucky to receive, and right on cue! Anthony has a great “neutral look,” so we ran with that the majority of the shoot, and didn’t force too many smiles, or as I like to call during senior shoots, “the shots for mom.” In fact, that’s often the cue I give seniors to let them know we need a good solid smile for a few frames, “let’s get a couple good ones in here for mom.” Seniors tend to greatly respect me calling situations for what they are (as with a lot of senior boys being forced into senior shots via the parents), they are much more willing to give you those quick burst of smiles for us both understanding the “sake of the process.” The funny part is most of the guys walk in with a slight anticipate of dread, and leave having a good time and having enjoyed the shoot itself.



There is such an change in sensory feedback when you are in a location almost every day and then experience it on the rare occasion with snow. Everything is the same but different at the same time. Sound is the huge difference, the city goes quiet, that snow soaking up all the sound. Conversely, it bounces all of the light back, brilliantly lighting the darkest of streets with bounced “up” lighting. It has the feeling of a dream, so peaceful.



Thanks to Anthony for toughing the cold for a bit to get these great shots. But I think he is the lucky one. How many people get to say that they had a senior snow shoot!?