Fellow Shutterbug – Lilly’s Senior Photos

Fellow Shutterbug – Lilly’s Senior Photos

Senior photo shoots are always a treat. The kids are up for just about anything and ready to have a good time. The downside? I’m constantly reminded about how old I am getting with quick slaps of reality when I don’t recognize one band or celebrity the high schoolers follow now. Have I become that old guy I swore to myself that I would never become or is it merely a difference in taste (maybe both)? Luckily, during Lilly’s shoot, I didn’t have to feel quick so much disconnect between myself and the young and beautify, because her thing is photography!

I really think I’d enjoy going to school in todays system, as the kids have access to such a great wealth of knowledge and learning opportunities at such young ages. Access to gear and programs that I was never exposed to until in a professional setting. Lucky! Lilly is a visual creature as well, loving both photo and video work.




Capturing people within their interests is my favorite kind of work. Lilly and I visited the 11th St bridge, as it provided a great visual interest for our posed photographer concept.




Lilly is a very quiet, sweet, easy going girl. One of those types where you don’t have to guess she does well in school. Regardless whether she continues to pursue the visual arts or not, I know she’ll be very successful in life with that brain of hers. Love this super hero themed skirt!



We all wish we could have skin as fair as Lilly. It really caught the lights well.




And that’s it! Another completed senior shoot, another day of me feeling not quite as young as I did the day before. It’s exciting and an honor to capture these teenagers, meeting their parents and hearing all of the great things they have accomplished and are looking towards the future at. All the best Lilly and Family!