5Dmkii Tag

Since the announcement of the Canon 5DmkIII, there have been a lot of bloggers out there chomping at the bit to denounce the idea of spending the $3,500 to upgrade their current 5D2 to the new 5D3. It's as if they couldn't wait to say that the new 5D3 isn't even close to being considered for their own business. I hope you are not running a serious business, guys. Anyone who has used the 5D2 for a substantial amount of time would be happy to hand you a laundry list of faults where the 5D2 has disappointed over and over throughout the years. There may be a few people out there who work in ideal, happy, well-lit, never rushed, never found in challenged environments who may be looking at me like I'm crazy, but I'm sorry... if you think that the 5D2 is without any issues, you are the crazy one, and I challenge you to step out of your perfect world and shoot a couple weddings and tell me you have the same opinion. I know a lot of naysayers out there are looking at the megapixel count (the 5D2 with 21 and the 5D3 with 22) and going, "I don't get it, what's with the only one MP jump?" I think this is why a lot of people are shaking their heads at Canon when they were expecting something more when asked for 3500 clams. People, it's not about megapixel counts, and don't say that's not your reason for bitchin' because if the new 5D3 touted a 36MP spec, you'd have reserved your copy of the 5D3 faster than I can say the word "sucker." Simply put, for those with the adequate experience with the 5D2, I think that the 5D3 is the camera you always wanted in the mkII. Once you can look past the megapixel spec, you'll find that the 5D3 truly is a new camera from the ground up.