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What a great day of photography. The workshop went from 9am to 5pm, only breaking for lunch, so we got a lot of information covered. Everyone in the class is doing great. We have a wide variety of photography experience in the class - from people who have never really touched a DSLR to people who have used DLRs for a while now, but either shoot in automatic modes or do not fully understand how to manipulate the camera to create a wide variety of photography. It was so much fun today to see the students learning the fundamentals and then watching them successfully execute those skills just minutes later during the shooting sessions. I'd have to say the most fun parts of the day were the shooting adventures outside of class. After each major topic section we break for a shoot to adapt the newly learned material. The students quickly fell into a groove and were roaming around the Bellingham streets taking photos, working on the new objectives. A few funny moments as the group of photographers all stood in a line and took photos of passing cars, working on shutter speed techniques. The reactions of the drivers were hilarious, them not quite knowing how to react to their own personal paparazzi snapping photos of them. I love the sound too, 8 DSLRs just capturing away all at once. Below, the group getting some last quick pointers before going out to do their thing.