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And the weekend begins with a bang. Photographed a sold out show tonight at the Mt. Baker Theater. This being the first of three events that make up the Ryan Stiles Golf Classic weekend of fundraising. Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie played in front of the packed theater, generating plenty of laughs. All of the ticket sales going towards the fundraising event. The Ryan Stiles crew asked if I'd oversee the photography needs for the event and I said yes. Donating my time for the weekend will produce a lot of great photography for the organization, providing plenty of memories and marketing material for years to come. 700 photographs dumped off of my two cameras tonight. Ouch, there's a few hours in post production... I'm going to guess that the weekend's total will come in around 3,000ish. Loved working in the Mt. Baker Theater. What a beautiful structure. Attention was paid to details and you can tell. Not a bad seat in the house either.