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matty_6.27.11_ 172 Another round of punch card photo shoots for Smokin' Hot Espresso, one of my regular clients. Bikini baristas have been around for a while now, kinda almost old news, right? Everyone went the extra mile to dress up and keep their customers guessing with fun outfits when the bikini barista stands hit and were all the talk. As the controversy over the coffee stands slowly fades to a mild "eh, whatever," the girls themselves who work the stands slip into lack luster effort with their themed "costumes," giving away to simple swim suits most of the time. This is not the case any longer with Smokin' Hot Espresso. They are bringing themes back AND sexy back (take that Justin Timberlake). This means your nurses, maids, cowgirls, cops... the list goes on of sexed-up outfits, you'll see them all at Smokin' Hot. This is one thing that there is not a lack of at this business, they really like to keep there customers happy with the themes, the punch cards, the calendars. They understand it's more than just an eye candy experience for a lot of their customers, and they want to make it fun by doing the little things for everyone who stops by. I'd imagine it is quite the expense for a business to keep a team of baristas in coordinated costumes so that they have copies of every costume and are in unison.

matty_7.11.10_ 381 I've been trying to work more children photos into my portfolio, and had a fun idea. A shoot like this really pays off when you put in the extra prep work. Having finalized the fairy concept for the two girls, we set out for fairy outfits. We ended up ordering costumes off of a year-round halloween shop online, and waiting for those to come in. I scouted some nearby wooded areas for a good location a week or two ahead of time, planned out right time of day for falling light in the event I wanted to pull in some of the sun light for illuminating the surrounding woods in the background.