Jesse Brand Tag

IMG_1137 A few months ago, I began a relationship with Talk It Up TV, a video production business in Bellingham. I produce on-location photography for the team, capturing behind the scenes stuff, fun things that catch my eye, etc. They'll use the photography both on their website as well as some stills in the shows themselves. It's been fun, it always brings something fresh for me to capture. My favorite shoot to-date was with Jesse Brand, a talented country artist who is steadily making his claim to fame in the music industry. Better yet, he is from the small town of Ferndale (if you don't know the place, it's one of those you swear you could toss a rock from one side and hit the other end of town). Talk TV got whiff that he was going to be in the area and snagged an interview with him. The Talk TV productions are swift, always around two hours for a shoot, from arriving and scoping out the environment, to shooting and packing back up. They are quick and dirty productions, but they always amazingly piece together an entertaining segment. This leaves my shooting fairly light, I kinda play the fly on the wall for most of the shoots, taking a snap when I can. It's a challenge to capture a good chunk of visually engaging materials since I can't be popping off flashes, heck, even taking pictures in general when they are filming (the shutter on my camera is pretty loud, and it's not a good practice to have a camera shutter competing with the voices of our interview). The photos are hit and miss, and I'm ok with that, it's what I have to work with.