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matty_8.21.10_ 004 Very, very rarely do I come across a location shoot where the ever adaptable light stand just can't cut the mustard when I need to hang a light. The only time I find myself unable to use a light stand is when I simply don't have enough room to squeeze a light stand into a composition due to various constraints. It can be tricky, and at times, you end up having to change up your shot to a less ideal composition to acoomodate light stands where you need them. Last weekend, I didn't have that option, I couldn't change up my shot even if I wanted to. You've heard me say it many times... I love location photography. It's always something new, fresh, and pushes your photographic work to a dynamic range whether you like it or not. To be able to walk on to a location, one that you've never seen before, and it's your job to tell a story with a photograph. To create and control light and execute proper exposure for an inspiring photograph within just a couple minutes after arriving is challenging and something I love doing. It starts with seeing what you have to work with, asking yourself a bunch of questions, and visualizing the desired end product.