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Amazingly, it's been almost a year working with AmeRAWcan Bistro, creating their photography and marketing material. We've completed a handful of food shoots throughout that time for various projects. Recently they acquired their license to server alcoholic beverages, which for me, means another round of photography

mattyFront3 It's not really a functional postcard, just advertising material printed on postcard stock, and the standard 4x6 size. These babies are great and ready to be released into the wild. Clean and simple is the theme here. The front of the card at the top of the screen (I'm sure a fun surprise for the model, Myrriah), the back design is below. Gets the point across what I do, right? Leave the rest up to imagination, besides... 4x6 inches doesn't leave a lot of room to showcase photography if you clutter it up with all them fancy words like "creative" (eye roll). If any of you would like any for shops, friends, whatever, let me know and I can toss you a stack (I got a lot of these things).