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matty_3.25.11_ 005 Sometimes it's the little things in life that deserves some attention. Seriously, like... the literal little things. :) It would be nice to always take moments everyday to stop and smell the roses, but rarely do we. We are all guilty of our priorities not being exactly in the order they should, wrapped up in the business of the day, the getting to and from work, the addictive twitch we start forming if we haven't gotten our facebook fix in the last 15 minutes, the overall obsession to "maximize" our every day. It's less and less I think we all observe the world around us, the one that surrounds us from all angles, yet our noses always pointed into some form of a glowing screen, regardless it's size, has become our world. "Why go walk around in the local woods and check things out when I can just google it!?" People from the PNW bitchin' cause it rains so much... really, as if you aren't going to be consumed by your electronics regardless of the precipitation conditions. You're not foolin' anybody, so shut your yapper and get back to tweetin' your pals about what you just had for lunch. I kid, but seriously... I think we call could use a little less networking and a little more fresh air.