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matty_2.10.11_ 090 5:30pm, primetime for commuters to robotically make their way home on the major roadways. A drastic, yet true statement. We've all been there, left with no choice but to hop in with the vast stream of cars as they all try to make their way home at the worst possible traveling hour. It really sucks to be in, however, it's another kind of amazing to be at a vantage point to watch it happen. Another things happens at 5:30 this time of year, and that is the sunset. This gave me an opportunity to do some long exposures, capturing all of the craziness traversing the Narrows Bridge. At the last overpass before the bridge, I made some pictures. Got there a little early so I could get some faint mountains in the background and maybe some sunset shots. The sunsets haven't been kind to me lately, all kinda just getting mucky and losing color. Thanks PNW! Here's my basic setup, shot most of these with a 100-400mm zoom, and a couple with a wide angle.