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Here are the Mercedes Of Seattle Grand Opening photo booth images! Click the link below to view/download your photo booth image. Please use our 'contact' page to inquire about any further assistant or additional services from us! CLICK TO VIEW PHOTO BOOTH GALLERY  ...

matty_2.19.11_ 052 Last Saturday evening, I photographed a teen dance at the Whatcom Community College. It was quite the scene, I'd guess about 500ish teens shakin' their stuff. I also setup a photo booth for the kids to come over and get a fun photo. The photos were shot up on a GIANT screen via a live feed from my laptop to the projector, so everyone in the dance room would see them. As soon a I took the picture, it was projected on the screen and I sent the photo directly the the subject's email, allowing them to view their photo almost instantly on their phones. It was a pretty cool setup. Here's a couple pics showing the scene.

matty_1.15.11_ 064 At least it seemed so at Richard's 50th birthday party. And when I say party... it really was a party. I don't think anyone would have guessed this was a birthday party if they stumbled in, it was the next level of party. The event was held at the Pacific Grill event center. I'd say that the space comfortably holds 125ish people, but Richard is a pretty popular guy. I would have pegged the attending number around 250+. That meant standing room only for a good number of people, and limited space for me to work. It was all good though, everyone had a great time, and the limited space made everything a bit more exciting. The shots below were the first two of the evening, and probably my favorite. Richard's father, who lives in another part of the country, was not supposed to be in attendance, however, he made the trip and was there to surprise his son. Here are two consecutive frames - Richard walking in like he owns the place ;), and then when his father walks around the corner. Love the second shot and how it is framed, father with arms out. It tells a great story.