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matty_8.1.10_ 004 So living in the North end of Tacoma has a few perks, one being the great views of the Narrows bridges and the sunsets that are typically photo-worthy. I still appreciate each and every one as it casts brilliant yellow, orange, and red light through my living room. For an hour's time, the setting sun breathes an amazing aura into the house before tucking behind the mountainscape. This last Sunday was a different story though. A haze lingered through the entire day, nothing spectacular for us PNW'ers, but the sunset started to look more like an angry moon, as the thick cloud cover allowed me to look straight at a fire red sun (I'm sure not doctor recommended, looking at it). It was cool looking enough to make me bust out the camera and snap a few shots. So... here they are. It was solid red, even when high in the sky at 7pm, and as it crept closer to the horizon it started to find some break in the clouds and showed a little orange.