Tomasi Boselawa Tag

matty_5.14.11_ 224 Last month, one of my regular clients, Tiare Floral Design, was chosen to accent the Gala Fundraiser at the Northwest African American Museum with his floral designs. Owner, Tomasi Boselawa, asked me to attend so that I could photograph his work that would be spread throughout the museum. I have captured Tomasi's work many times, but this was the first at a live event, as all the other occasions were in a staged setting and lighting. This time around I'd be capturing it with the existing lighting. The assignment was just that - capture the flowers in an event setting, to showcase this in a realistic event environment. It's funny how you have to present things to people like this, as if seeing well-photographed floral designs in a studio doesn't translate to the possibility of it sitting on a table at an event. But I get it, and I was happy to attend and photograph the designs in such an environment.