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A couple weeks ago, I spent some time with Grant, a senior this year, as well as an aspiring model. I have to admit, this is the first modeling/senior picture session I’ve done. It was setup more for a foundation for Grant’s modeling portfolio, and we bent it a little to work for senior photos as well. We spent a little time on white seamless and then moved to some more colorful backgrounds. The interesting thing to note here is that we brought the seamless environment right to the same location. Roll of white paper, hanging stands, large flat surface, and there ya go. Two completely different shooting environments in the exact same location. Kinda funny to think that behind that clean white paper are walls covered in graffiti.

I shoot in this parking garage… a lot. It’s a large open space that is covered. Covered, a very good thing when you live in the PNW. A location, that as long as subjects can brave the cold, can be shot in all year ’round. The coolest part about it, is that the walls are constantly getting new paint jobs from the talented paint artists, so every time I show up to shoot it’s like a new location. I try not to focus too much on the graffiti itself, I find that kinda… cliche. I use it more of a large splash of color behind my subject.

Standing at 6’2″, I’m not exactly a short guy. In fact, you’ll typically see me in a squat-type position while shooting my subjects because I’m having to get eye level with them. This was one of the rare occasions I found myself able to standup for a good portion of the shots, as Grant stands at 6’4″. Got these photos turned around super quick, Grant had a modeling agency opportunity later that same week and needed prints. Pumped ’em out, he got some prints, and I only hope that Grant got some face time with the agency.