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matty_1.2.11 164 Spent a couple hours working with Tomasi, owner and designer of Tiare Floral Design, as we shot a handful of awesome boutineer creations he put together. The idea of the shoot is to give future customers a little taste of what Tomasi can do for formal event floral menswear. He's looking at using these photos to assemble a photo book. About a dozen boutonnieres to shoot, mixing them with different clothing, locations, and a variety of close and wide shots for each. I've been working with Tomasi for quite some time now, but all of the shoots so far have been strictly floral designs. This was the first go-around with integrating a model in with the flowers. It's something that I've been wanting to do with Tomasi since our first meeting.

matty_8.29.10_ 120 A couple weeks ago, I spent some time with Grant, a senior this year, as well as an aspiring model. I have to admit, this is the first modeling/senior picture session I've done. It was setup more for a foundation for Grant's modeling portfolio, and we bent it a little to work for senior photos as well. We spent a little time on white seamless and then moved to some more colorful backgrounds. The interesting thing to note here is that we brought the seamless environment right to the same location. Roll of white paper, hanging stands, large flat surface, and there ya go. Two completely different shooting environments in the exact same location. Kinda funny to think that behind that clean white paper are walls covered in graffiti.