Flowers From A Bug’s Perspective (pt. 2)

Flowers From A Bug’s Perspective (pt. 2)

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Ok, so here we go, the second part of the Tiera Floral Design shoot. I think both Tomasi and I were very happy with the end result of this product shoot. Just so many good photos from this session, I wanted to show more of them, so I split the post in two. Click here for part 1 if you are totally lost.

Got really close and personal with this flower, love the colors.

Here’s another flower that looks more like the mouth of the sand monster in Star Wars, you know… the one Luke was about to get thrown into. Yes, even I am amazed and how nerdy that last sentence was…

Finished up with a few portraits of Tomasi. He has been needing a new portrait for his web site, so we reconfigured the lights and setup for a few mug shots. Shot this a couple different ways, one more traditional with a flower mixed in, and then one a little more moody. I really like both.

I’m in Maui now, got here yesterday. Spent last night going over the details with the bride for Saturday’s wedding events. A lot more to this event, and I’ll be sharing all the excitement about that later on. Stay tuned for some pics from Maui!