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matty_3.6.11_ 021 Tomasi, owner and designer of Tiare Floral Design, and I got together the other day to shoot some of his work for publication in a magazine (can't drop the name until it's published). Tomasi was contacted by the magazine and asked if he could design a couple floral arrangements which are made out of common flowers the average family can find at their local stores. Tomasi contact me to shoot the two pieces he created. The topic will run as a little feature article in the magazine. Tomasi's talent in floral design never ceases to amaze me. It's work that delights multiple senses, both sight and scent. The two creations he brought to the studio were simply fun, as he integrated lime and kiwi into the pieces. It was a fairly quick shoot. In less than an hour we shot both pieces from all proximities and angles, and called it good. Enjoy the photos, and look for Tomasi's article in a late Spring or early Summer issue!

matty_12.11.10 135 Upon arriving to the wedding location, it was like something out of a movie. You know... those weddings that make you go "pfff, that doesn't happen in real life." There are literally 40-50 people working on setting up the wedding location. A dozen large work vans parked in the driveway of the property, you don't even consider they are all for this one event. As I opened the gate to the property, I quickly realized that, yes, all these vehicles, people, and resources are all here JUST for this. Running around like worker bees, you could literally watch it all assemble in front of your eyes. All dressed in color coordinated shirts, as to differentiate the various job duties. A half dozen people assigned to just arranging the floral designs, a team of cooks, a team for setting up furniture, etc. All this for a wedding with 24 attendees. Of course, having CNN around pays off, and the coordination company pulls some strings, and upgrades every feature of the wedding. Let me just say, this was a difficult job. No, not as in, shooting the wedding "job." The job after it is all said and done, the job of selecting the "picks" of the bunch to give the newlywed couple. It was literally the coolest place and wedding arrangement I'd ever seen. Naturally this led to WAY more pictures than I would have liked to filter through. Of course, all of the photos turned out pretty darn good, I mean... look at this place! Hence my breaking the wedding into a series of posts. Even now that I've gone through and made the selects and shipped the photos off to the couple, it's hard for me to try and write one or even two posts on this experience. Too many good things in this bunch. Hey, it's a photo blog, get ready for some pics!

matty_11.21.10 185 Tomasi, owner and designer for Tiare Floral Design, booked me for another shoot a couple weeks ago. We've worked on a handful of projects together, but the past shoots had been more focused on floral pieces he had designed. This shoot was about all of the raw materials used for the collective pieces, with the idea that we can showcase all of the different flower elements Tomasi uses in his work. With this showcased on his soon-to-come new website, it will give clients the option to pick and choose different elements, and with that info, Tomasi can create with the selected elements. The main objective with this shoot was to get close and personal with the different flowers. Enter the 100mm macro lens. This entire shoot was executed with this lens, and aside from a couple longer shots, I consistently maintained only 1-6 inches between the lens and the flowers. It was all about the detail, the color, and showing how spectacular these exotic flowers really are. Tomasi hand picks and has the flowers delivered to him from all over the world, so these are not the kinda of stuff you'll see sitting in your local Safeway.