Maui Destination Wedding – The Setup! (pt3)

Maui Destination Wedding – The Setup! (pt3)

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Upon arriving to the wedding location, it was like something out of a movie. You know… those weddings that make you go “pfff, that doesn’t happen in real life.” There are literally 40-50 people working on setting up the wedding location. A dozen large work vans parked in the driveway of the property, you don’t even consider they are all for this one event. As I opened the gate to the property, I quickly realized that, yes, all these vehicles, people, and resources are all here JUST for this. Running around like worker bees, you could literally watch it all assemble in front of your eyes. All dressed in color coordinated shirts, as to differentiate the various job duties. A half dozen people assigned to just arranging the floral designs, a team of cooks, a team for setting up furniture, etc. All this for a wedding with 24 attendees. Of course, having CNN around pays off, and the coordination company pulls some strings, and upgrades every feature of the wedding.

Let me just say, this was a difficult job. No, not as in, shooting the wedding “job.” The job after it is all said and done, the job of selecting the “picks” of the bunch to give the newlywed couple. It was literally the coolest place and wedding arrangement I’d ever seen. Naturally this led to WAY more pictures than I would have liked to filter through. Of course, all of the photos turned out pretty darn good, I mean… look at this place! Hence my breaking the wedding into a series of posts. Even now that I’ve gone through and made the selects and shipped the photos off to the couple, it’s hard for me to try and write one or even two posts on this experience. Too many good things in this bunch. Hey, it’s a photo blog, get ready for some pics!

Below, the ceremony setup, with the isle constructed (designed) by the island’s top floral designer, for the bride to make her way down on a floor of rose pedals, naturally…

The back of the alter, strung with lines of flowers, weighted with a glass ball (at night a little light in the bottom tip of each one glows blue).

At each of the tables were four flower spheres balanced upon glass vases, which were filled with water and more flowers. Simply put, it was clear they put some serious moola in flowers, no detail overlooked.

On to the other details…

Coulda clicked away on this stuff all day long, but… the lucky couple were soon to arrive, and what’s a book of photos without the bride getting ready? Up next…