Maui Destination Wedding – The Ceremony (pt5)

Maui Destination Wedding – The Ceremony (pt5)

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Rain, the only hiccup in an otherwise perfect wedding, slowed to a sprinkle around 5pm. Originally set to kickoff at 4, the ceremony was pushed about an hour.

The officiate began the ceremony with a couple blows of a conch shell. A great touch, but I couldn’t help but giggle a little bit. All I could think about was that ridiculous Spongebob character, Mermaidman. He blew a conch and yelled, “sea creatures, assemble!” Anywho… with the sound of the conch, and Daymeon waiting for his bride in the alter, Leeann started to make her way down the path.

And if you are thinking, “woah, that dude giving Leeann away has aged REALLY well…” That would be one of Leeann’s good friends. Unfortunately both of Leeann’s parents have passed, but she has an absolutely fantastic group of family and friends around her, and it was very apparent.

It was perfect. With the waves crashing in the background, this couple were wed in a gorgeous spot. Still can’t believe I was there, actually. I love my job. I’ll shut up now, and just let the photos do the talking.

Just one more thing to make it official…

Up next… formal portraits, a kickass reception, and a fun little photo session I had with Leeann towards the end of the night. Stay tuned…