So, This Lady Walks Into A Bar…

So, This Lady Walks Into A Bar…


Back in March, I was hired to create some marketing images for a fashion-focused and wine tasting fundraiser event. The objective: photograph a couple of women in fun clothing, with the occasional shot of them enjoying wine. Location was an upscale condo facility in downtown Seattle. The majority, if not all, of the second floor was dedicated to entertaining and relaxing, with a spa, bar, event room, and large outdoor area. This is where the event was going to take place and where we made the photographs. I’d never been there before, so there is always a little more anxiety going into the shoot that you have NO idea what you’re working with. On top of that, I’d never worked with the client before, so it was twofer.

matty_20130323_22467 matty_20130323_22509 matty_20130323_22528

It was a great place, with lots of options, with the only downside being it was in the very middle of the day when it came to shooting the outdoor and window scenes you see in the imagery here. Still we made it work. Though it was a new and foreign place for myself, it makes it a fun, on-the-spot challenge to take-in a location and construct photo concepts on the fly. Working with the client and the planned wardrobe, we worked various locations on the floor to get a variety of photos.

matty_20130323_22744 matty_20130323_22689


All in a day’s work creating on-the-fly lighting compositions in an unfamiliar location, yet fairly specific client requirements. A fun challenge. I do apologize for the brief blog, for if you know me, this is about the shortest article I’ve ever written, but I gotta get back to work. It’s been a busy month, on top of two weekends or workshops in May! More to come!