The Free-Spirited Music Lover – Taylor’s Senior Photos

The Free-Spirited Music Lover – Taylor’s Senior Photos

Boy, do I have a great bunch of senior photo shoots to share with all of you! So many bright individuals, all with their unique approach to life already. It’s a fun thing to be a part of – creating some character-capturing photos with them to document the senior milestone. First up to bat in that aforementioned senior group is Taylor.

I’ve already said it once in the title of this post, and I’ll probably say it a number of times in this post, but Taylor is one free spirit if I’ve ever seen one. She carries a silly, carefree nature about her that just can’t stay bottled up. Sure, I’ll have the occasional senior that likes to play along and make some silly faces during my light testing shots, but that was Taylor’s go-to face; for like, every photo (testing or not). “Ok, Taylor, I’m ready to rock, let’s knock out some great shots.” Silly face remains, as if someone else is controlling her face. You know, kind alike that ‘Inside Out’ movie where the people inside the brain are pushing all the inappropriate buttons. “Taylor? Are you in there?” Below here is what about 85% of my photos looked like.


But… then Taylor would give ma knockout look, and magic happened. Ah, the beauty of youth, right? We started our shoot out in the Fall colors, also tossing Taylor in a color complimenting makeshift dress to mix things up.




Here is that free spirit I was talking about. You can just see her enjoying this moment on the swing. Maybe a little too much…


“Hey Taylor, give me… oh never mind, you are already making a silly face. Just keeping hold that for me then.”


Finished with our location work, we headed back to the studio to capture some beautifully simple shots, as well as highlight Taylors love of music. I’ve had the very rare occurrence of a teenager in today’s world be a vinyl record collector for the second time in a year! Yes, all teens love music, but you’ve gotta have a deep love when you are collecting vinyl. We worked a music theme in at the end of the shoot.






On to the dancing portion of the shoot! And as you can probably assume, Taylor was not shy about tossing some moves out for the camera. Actually, I think she could have dance the whole night away right there in the studio if I would have let her.


And yes, even mom hopped in there for a couple dancing shots with her daughter. I love it! Taylor was a blast in front of the lens, and thankfully, I was able to wrangle-in a little bit of that wild spirit in the lens for quite a few awesome shots! Stay tuned for more fantastic senior shoots, which will ultimately make you wish you were young again and enjoying all of your loves in life you had time for before you had to become a boring adult with all of those lame responsibilities. 😉