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You've got a couple hours to sum up a senior's persona in a nut shell via photos. To tell that story of "here I am, this is me" as a senior in high school. Ready, go! At least, that's what I try to achieve - something greater...

The weather in the PNW... what can you say about it. It hasn't been... ideal to say the least. As a photographer, that can drive you a bit nuts, you can forget about scheduling anything outside of 48 hours with any confidence. But we schedule anyways, and it's like hitting the lotto in late spring if you schedule a week in advance and the clouds happen part at the right time for a brief photo shoot. I feel more like a meteorologist in the Fall and Spring seasons than a photographer.

I spent a couple hours with Bianca for her senior pictures. On the fringes of the rainy season, we lucked out and were handed a beautiful day to work with. Unfortunately, everyone else in Tacoma decided to spend the day outside as well, giving us a pretty busy background. The spots we chose were spent with well-timed captures where I found a clean, people-free background. I arrived to the location a bit early, as I usually do, to run through pre-scouted spots in the area. Light conditions change fast, and well... a location can look amazing one minute and completely lose it's luster in a blink of an eye. I quick jog through pre-scouted locations are always done immediately prior to a shoot, ensuring they are still ripe for the pickin'. Run and gun was the name of the game for this shoot. 10-20 clicks of the camera and we were off to the next spot. I wanted to capture six or so locations, so we got what we needed and moved on.