Sellers Family Fun

Sellers Family Fun


Rewind a couple months back, putting us back in prime Fall season, I had the pleasure of photographing a truly adorable family, the Sellers. We had some fun outside, capturing the growing family – Christine and Larry, along with son Gabe, and hiding there in Christine’s tummy, soon-to-arrive baby Elijah.

We had a couple weeks in a row where the fog dominated the area relentlessly, and this day was no different. Thank goodness for lighting! Utilizing it to add that punch back into the photos while leveraging that glow of the foggy background made for some excellent photos. On a separate occasion that week, the fog was so thick I arranged an impromptu shoot with Alice, you can view those photos here.


With any shoot involving kiddos, you gotta find someway to incorporate some fun to reveal true joy and emotion out of ’em, otherwise, you get those scary fake smiles. You know, the ones where faces look less like smiles and more like an electroshock therapy session. Not good. Of course, we did get a couple of those out of Gabe, and had a good launch reviewing them. We got our nice, cozy family posed photo, and then moved onto the fun stuff – football.

Larry and his son are big football fans, and Gabe came to life when a father and son moment unravelled in front of my lens. Some of my favorite pictures, capturing a shared moment between the two. Very cool.




And it wouldn’t be a Matty shoot without a little costume fun, right? We tossed Gabe into a pirate outfit and set him loose on the playground. Looking back, the 2013 was the year of the super hero – click these links to see an Incredibles family, father-son Batman/Spiderman, and a mom-daughter princess shoot.


This pirate is all business, headed for the playground.


That look cracks me up. Love the surprise spidey in the background too.



What a look.


Tiny pirate – BTS working shot.

We then headed back to the studio to focus on Christine with some maternity shots. Really like the cleanness and elegance of these.matty_20131019_46170



Thanks to the Sellers family for a fantastic shoot! Lots more coming to the blog! Sit tight.